Friday, October 2, 2009


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Okay. So mayyybe I've been starting to think about fall a leeeettle. I admit it! I've been home sick these past two days and its been the perrrrfect fall weather for being home and eating soup on the couch all day. This is what put me over the edge!

Every season - or basically once before the summer, and once before the fall - I make a list of essentials that I need or want for that season. I've talked about this before, but I really think that this KEEPS ME from buying everything I fall in love with, and makes me stick to a simple grocery list.

And although I said just a short while ago that I wasnt thinking about the fall at all, I have also been hit with a ton of young, fashionable art kids now that I work at MCAD that are already transitioning (and as well they should be, school has started and students mostly walk and bike to class around here).

I am getting all sorts of inspirations, and am starting to build my fall list! This is what I am planning to dig for.

First of all, cherry red tights ala the Fall 09 Built by Wendy Collection,
I LOVE THEM! At first, I had a hard time finding this color red, and not a bright red. But it looks like these ones from TopShop will do.

Warm wool or knitted Ponchos, like the super-fun ones My Solitary Consignment snagged awhile back, and some other great ones on etsy. My work is very cold already and I need a warm blanket I can throw over anything to keep me warm!

And lots of boots. Lots (I am already getting a head-start on this one). A moccasin bootie would be nice as well, like these ones from Moccasin House!

Obviously, there are more things on the list. But these are the ones I am really dying over. What about you? What do you need for fall (and have you gotten it already?!)?
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