Friday, September 25, 2009


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9.24.09, originally uploaded by allison the valiant.

My outfits keep getting more and more casual these last few days, I've noticed. And even though i feel like ive been getting more used to getting up at the same early-work-time everyday, i am having a harder time this week for some reason, maybe because its been getting a lot chillier in the mornings. And today it has been raining!! i just cannot get out of bed early enough it seems...

However, I got a lovely surprise in our Hello Ladies Vintage inbox this morning! Rhiannon from The Liebemarlene, purchased one of our new Back to School dresses on Etsy! I've been a fan of her blog for a long time, and I know Emma has been too, so I am very excited to send her a package in GA! I also think I should take a cue from her and begin the process of dressing up again. I have so many dresses that I have been neglecting to wear, and she makes you want to wear them!

This is what I wore yesterday, and today I am wearing basically the same outfit, with the same slouchy jeans and a version of the top half.
tank: ON, gift
cardigan: ON
jeans: Armani, thrifted from Savers
shoes: Ann Klein, from DSW

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