Thursday, August 13, 2009

the office shoes story

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Here are my new shoes, my glorious glorious new shoes from Office that I've been coveting forever! As you can see, I chickened out on getting the fuschia ones, and went with the more practical black ones. The long story is that I went to go and buy them when they went on sale a few months ago, and they didn't ship sale items to the US!?! And they didnt tell me until I tried to checkout?!?! I was very upset of course because I had waited and waited until they went on sale, and then my whole plan was foiled.

BUT THEN a very nice girl named Shini, over at Park&Cube, offered to purchase them for me (as she lives in the UK most of the year) and then ship them to me!! It was definitely the most generous thing anyone I've never met in real life has done for me.

Thanks again Shini, and Ellen! I love them very much.
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