Monday, August 24, 2009

birthday fantasy wishlist

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My 23rd birthday is coming up on Wednesday. And well, I'm the kind of girl that usually has a hard time making wish lists for birthdays and xmas because I honestly don't ever want anything, or I cant remember what little mental notes I make of what I do want! So this year I thought I would make a special Birthday wish list! This is of course, a fantasy wishlist, because I cannot justify spending the $200 on that gorgeous gold-dipped quartz necklace down there!!! HOW AWESOME IS IT THOUGH?

Urban denim-look leggings (fall is a-comin!!), quartz necklace by Laura Lombardi on etsy, a Birkin bag in slate gray (knock off from, of course!), these adorable but ridiculously nerdy pillows by diffractionfiber on etsy, Polaroid film in BULK via ebay, and a new Fuji Instax camera set (so I can compare it to the Polaroid!).

I'm also thinking of getting The Sartorialist's new book, which came out earlier this week. It would be so nice to see his beautiful photographs in print, don't you think?

//What are you guys wishing for??//
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