Monday, August 17, 2009


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A few weekends ago, I was photographed outside the Blacklist Vintage Bday Diggers Sale for the City Pages (turns out they have a street fashion photographer too, although they only post the pictures online). /// Speaking of which, Ellen from the Minneapoline has been getting some serious press lately! Interviews with Glamour magazine and street fashion website The Midwasteland... I have enjoyed reading more about her, congrats Ellen! ///

Anyways, as I was going through that weeks' slideshow of pictures, I noticed this guy was photographed. Alex and I dropped off his (borken) car at the car place last weekend, and this guy worked there! He complimented my necklace, and I his (he was wearing the same key necklace at the time). What a kah-winky-dink!

Gotta love his "slash"-ing good looks, haha! (I know this isnt the outlet for my bad puns, sorry :)

Also, I just got back from the cabin this past weekend, and it really was so relaxing and fun to hang out with some old friends. Just what Alex and I needed! I will be updating you all with some pictures from the trip later this week (I took digital pictures but I also took a bunch on film, something I've been trying to get myself back into the habit of... so it might take awhile to develop and scan in a ton of pictures!!)

/// Stay tuned! ///
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