Friday, June 5, 2009

summer scarf

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I've never tried the 'loose summertime scarf' thing, but I found this at Savers the other day, and loved it. It is so light and soft!! Also, I'm a really big scarf person in the fall/winter (hello, two big boxes of scarves that have to go into storage still!), so why not in the spring/summer?

This is what I wore when Alex and I went to an 'all you can eat' Twins baseball game on Tuesday night, and stuffed ourselves silly with gross ball park food. It was AWESOME... and we won.

scarf: thrifted, Savers
tunic: Urban
tank underneath: Urban
big cocktail ring: H&M
jeans: thrifted, originally from PacSun
sandals: Urban
bag: vintage, Everyday People
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