Wednesday, May 13, 2009

an ode

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In honor of Emma and I recently joining the Etsy community (go take a look at the additional 10 items we added today!), I thought I'd do a post about some really great shops out there! Some longstanding favorites and new finds alike, I present to you:


I admire this girl for not only her adorable handmade girly-chic clothing and earrings, but also for the SHEER AMOUNT of work she sells a day. She must have quite the following if she managed to sell 33 ITEMS this last Saturday!!!! You Frickin Go Girl!


Clever Nettle's estatesale

I've mentioned this lady before, but I am still infatuated with her lovely photographs-that-look-like-illustrations! Not to mention, she always has such a vast array of adorable items for sale... You can check out her blog here (which I've been reading for awhile, and is how I found out about her etsy).



A long-time favorite of mine, this lady always has a well-edited collection of vintage items for sale. My personal favorites are the dresses, OH THE DRESSES. And she's from the south, one of the few bloggers I know of from the south, and so its refreshing to get her angle and style updates mixed in with my usual LA and NYC-residing bloggers (I love you too!) Plus you can keep ahead of the game by reading her blog due to the fact that she updates you like clockwork, every week!



Lastly, but CERTAINLY not leastly (can I say leastly??), this shop has me floored. A self-proclaimed "junker" who is both country, rock and roll and "definitely a little bit pirate," domestikate has the most beautiful collection of household goods and antiques (she also has a vintage clothing etsy!). And the photography is perfect. I'd like to frame some of them and hang them as still-life paintings. And I guess I have to mention that she's also been mentioned (mentioned?!? I should say lusted over!) by such prestigious blogs as Apartment Therapy, HGTV blog, Real Simple, Vintage Indie, and PoppyTalk to name a few.

That's all I can handle for now, but I'll keep you all (all? does anyone read this? maybe I should just say 'you' and keep myself in the dark. edit: I'm in a chips-and-salsa-induced-stupor right now, I apologize if I sound wierd...) updated on things if I find more that I just have to share.
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