Friday, April 24, 2009

kenwood flea market

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Is definitely the fanciest and most fun flea market I have ever been to. Emma called me last minute and asked me if I wanted to hop over, I accepted and I do not regret it!

First of all, there was free wine and beverages! So we sipped our chardonnay and walked around the bountiful pickins from lots of local vendors and antique shops (such as Hunt and Gather, one of my favorites!), lookin for goodies for our new and exciting soon-to-be etsy shop (that's a surprise, stay posted for more!). No goodies, but plenty of things we wish we could have gotten for ourselves:

We also found a silly swimcap that needed to be photographed on my head immediately:

And then we gladly petted our very favorite neighborhood kitty, Yo-yo-meow, when we got home (yes, that is what it says on his name tag! Isnt that cute?!). Yo-yo looks angry in the picture (he is a pretty scrappy kitty and wins all of deh fights), but he is actually very friendly and meowy! All in all, it was a good day.

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