Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chicago Vintage

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While in Chicago last weekend, I of course wanted to check out the vintage scene there. I looked up several stores ahead of time, planning to only make it to one (we had a lot we wanted to do!) but we ended stumbling across several. Poor Alex... Here they are:

First was Store B, which was RIDICULOUS. They had the best quality, the best selection and overall the MOST vintage clothing I have ever seen in one place. I was overwhelmed by the store but even more, I was overwhelmed by the prices. Yes, they were also RIDICULOUS. But that of course did not stop me from finding one, meagerly reasonable piece that I had to have. Don't ask. I will show you later...

The second was a place called Wacky Cats. I know, stupidest thing I've ever heard. And also, the weirdest vintage place I've ever seen. They did have a large selection of dresses, hats and coats (all beautiful), but a lot of them were victorian, or black, or both. And they also had some strange contemporary things, like men's hawaiian shirts and Led Zeppelin tshirts. And the older lady working in the back looked like an aging hippy with tattoos and a peasant skirt. I just felt like nothing made sense. Prices were also high-ish.

The last place I went (besides the Buffalo Exchange, where I happened to be quite successful actually) was an Antique Store in Lincoln Park. They had a couple of stalls with overpriced vintage clothing, one with an AMAZING light green chiffon cocktail dress which I should have photographed, but I was most in awe of all of the troves of furniture they had. Herman Miller, Eames, Heywood Wakefield, midcentury plexi wine racks, AND THEY WERE REASONABLLY PRICED. I was flabbergasted. Why don't we have a store like this in Mpls?!?! I will find it.

I'll show you the spoils another time. Later!
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