Thursday, December 11, 2008

more inspiration!

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Now that I'm working two jobs and am almost never home, I like to curl up and watch some good tv when I am home (and freakin tired). Besides TCM, I watch a lot of PBS, since that channel comes in HD! And on PBS is a great show called "Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work." And after only one episode, I realized that the Queen Mum has AMAZING taste in clothing, to this day. I now love her. See for yourself:

I especially love the beautiful white fur she is seen wearing to a Gala, and the little patent black purse she carries with her almost everywhere!

But I'm not the only one to think that the Queen has an immaculate fashion sense, Buckingham Palace had an exhibition of 80 of her gowns in 2006, to celebrate her 80th birthday! Wish I could have seen it. But you can check out some of them here.
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