Tuesday, December 2, 2008

fashion inspiration

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Alex and I have been watching a lot of TCM lately. I think I have subconsciously been trying to get as much out of cable television before we inevitably need to get rid of it (too spendy!).

And we happened to watch several Woody Allen movies in a row, one of which was Annie Hall, which I have never seen before. And loved. BUT, I also loved the clothes Diane Keaton wore. Very androgynous and menswear-inspired, but still with a feminine touch, straight out of the 70's. I am in love.

In that top one, its the glasses that really make it. A plain tshirt and men's big-frame glasses. I just love the hat and slouchy bag in the fourth one down, too. But I couldn't find any pictures of my favorite outfit that she wears. It is a sort of all-khaki and white and cream suit-ish number. Adorable. Keep an eye out for it wen they are in their kitchen toghether about a third of the way through the movie...

In fact, even other fashion sites have taken a dose of inspiration from her (as they very well should). I am not going to link to this site, because it is an awful shopping site, but they did a good job, minus the gold boot-flats?

I think I am going to start wearing a black skinny tie to work.
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