Friday, November 21, 2008

im blogging like crazy!

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I have been very busy lately, blogging in four places (sorry shambot, you've been the one suffering)! But it has been super-fun taking street fashion pictures, let me tell you. I just love the feeling of silly-excited-ness I get when I'm photographed for someone liking my outfit, and so it was fun doing that to other people this time around! It was almost as good. Below is Sarah, an artist in the Soap Factory show "Minimal/Manimal" that opened last weekend.

See my Guest Posts at The Minneapoline while they are still on the main page!

Besides blogging though, a lot has been happening in other areas of life. My job at the theatre was just reduced to part time, as were a lot of other people's jobs, in an effort to reduce budget. It's tough times out there! Luckily, Tom is going to let me usher for awhile, and I already have a couple of jobs that I am applying for. So that is actually kind of exciting.

No worries.
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