Thursday, August 28, 2008

You will never guess what happened to me.

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I was at my aunt Shelley's the other day, and our dear family friend Janice was there. I think she is technically my grandma's best friend from a long long time ago. Girls, you would love her, she is a spicy lady that isn't afraid to speak her mind who has bright orange hair and wears retro cat eye glasses. Anywho, I was wearing this scarf at the time, and she wondered if I wear scarfs a lot. I said yes, and she said she used to when she was younger, but that now she has a whole box full of them and would I like to have them?!? I SAID YES.

So today while she was visiting the MIA with friends, she dropped off the package at the CTC. I didn't even recognize her voice on the phone because I wasn't expecting her to call. My mom gave her my work number. I put one on immediately, it was just what my outfit was missing.

I haven't even gone through the whole box yet, I am that excited. But here are a few of my favorites so far:

Emma, if you're really nice to me I might even let you pick one out!
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